Research Interests

Currently, my main research interests revolve around topological band theory and materials. I am studying various properties of topological bandstructures, such as momentum space degeneracies (band nodes), topological invariants and the relation of all of them to symmetries. In particular, I am interested in a multi-band perspective on the above topics. My work encompasses both working with simple toy models illustrating and/or demonstrating novel topological phenomena as well as simulating/modeling real materials to study possibly observable effects such as transport signatures.

Recently, I have been working on triple points, which are degeneracies of three bands in momentum space. We were able to classify them in the absence of spin (which applies to systems where spin-orbit interactions are negligible but also to many other systems such as photons, phonons, magnons including may metamaterials) and find a universal higher-order bulk-boundary correspondence. For more information, check out my publications.

Additionally, I am also interested in the interplay of non-Abelian topology with interactions. Besides this main part of my research I am also interested in other topics, on some of which I have previously worked while others might lead to future projects: